Helpful information/Frequently asked questions

Our shuttles run 24 hours a day to and from O’Hare.

To O’Hare:

  • It is a 7-minute drive from our lot to the terminals.
  • In order to assure your on-time arrival to the airport, plan to arrive 20-25 minutes before you want to be at O’Hare.

Pick up from O’Hare:

  • When you check in at our desk we will provide you with a parking ticket that is required to be presented at check out. The ticket will have the shuttle info for pick up.
  • Upon return be sure you have ALL of your bags in your possession. Then follow the signs to the Bus and Shuttle Center Door #1. You will then call us and the nearest shuttle will be sent to pick you up at Door #1.
  • If arriving at the International Terminal (Terminal 5), be sure you have ALL bags in your possession. Then locate exit door 5C and call for pick up. You will be picked at the outside island in front of Door 5C.
  • Our shuttles run on demand. You are provided one ride to O’Hare and back to our facility. Be sure that all members of your group are ready when you call for pick up.
Credit cards, debit cards, cash and travelers checks are accepted for all parks and services. To receive discounts for extended day parks, payment must be made with cash or travelers checks.